Creeping Thistle

Photo: Anu Rantonen


Project initiated by two dance artists Inka-Leea Haatainen and Ville Nylén, choreography and visuals by Sonja Jokiniemi , texts by Antti Nylén and lighting design by Meri Ekola.

The work is a tableaux where materials, organisms and individuals blend and where matter cries. The work proposes a kind of behind truth and categories, where placelesness and meaning, hope and burden, integrity and desire for destruction are side by side.

Performers are set in a landscape of rocks, worms and liquids. The work is a doing contemplation: a process of construction and unfolding of images, where mundane, seemingly meaningless actions and details creep to the unconscious; where meaning(s) arises, and metamorphoses appear. As well as proposing enlargened empathy in relation to other than the human world and hence thinking about the complexity of existence and void, also a contemplation of care and meaningfulness takes place.


The work is a return to an intimate language shared beyond words and without common language- a language of roaring of the intestine and noise of our breathing.

As well as end of things, perhaps even- end of the world, the work is processing the contradiction between desire and death, between willingness to be alive and die at once, between wanting to become matter and destroying matter, between death of value and over production of value, between meaning and meaningfulness.

This world where thistles, wild weeds and orphans, anonymous objects, margins, forgotten and thrown away, others and otherness is. How do the substances weep, and how about the human, does it also?

Choreography & visuals: Sonja Jokiniemi  
Performance: Ville Nylén & Inka-Leea Hakkarainen  
Text: Antti Nylén 
Lighting design: Meri Ekola 
Sound: Patrick de Rham  
Costumes: Janina Silvennoinen 
Stage elements: Arvo Jokiniemi  
Instrument: Ann-Marie Lappalainen
Co-production: Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland, Routa Company
Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland
Photos: Anu Rantonen