Creeping Thistle

Photo: Anu Rantonen


Creeping Thistle sneaks up, endures and resists in a world of categories, capture and domestication. It escapes to be this or that and raises landscapes of our perception towards a poetic worlding experience.

Creeping Thistle is a performance project choreographed and visualized by Jokiniemi and initiated by two dance artists, Inka-Leea Hakkarainen and Ville Nylén. The work is a dystopian picnic where painting, bodies and materials immerse into each other. Liquid and slime blur forms and identities and smudge binaries.


Today's Western society has lost its beauty. The experience of beauty that creates foundational movement and is not reliant on aesthetic and lingual validation. In this project Jokiniemi insists on art that needs to seek out of the constant demand of instrumentalization and obsession on collective understanding and reason. Art that can speak through and to subjectivity. Art that is its own otherness.

Choreography: Sonja Jokiniemi 
Performance: Ville Nylén & Inka-Leea Hakkarainen 
Text: Antti Nylén
Lighting design: Meri Ekola
Sound design: Patrick de Rham 
Costume maker: Janina Silvennoinen
Stage element builder: Arno Jokiniemi 
Co-production: Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland, Routa Company Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland
Photos: Anu Rantonen