Howl drawing Sonja Jokiniemi.jpg

Howl investigates love that goes beyond the human: a love that extends its antennas towards the inanimate. Objects of love: obsessions, fetishes and intimacies between humans, objects and machines. In Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Theory, a man is always a combination of machine and organism. Therefore when dealing with intimacies and relationalities, it makes sense not only to address the man, but larger living and non-living ecologies. In the first phase of Howl I have invited two performers, Maija Karhunen and Mira Kautto, to search for our individual intimacies with things in our lives.

Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), Arc artist residency, Santarcangelo dei Teatri, STUK - A House for Dance, Image and Sound

Drawing: Sonja Jokiniemi