Drawing: Sonja Jokiniemi


PA A is a book based on conversations, encounters, notations and practices from 2014-2015, when Sonja Jokiniemi worked with autistic people and people with special needs. She wanted to create a platform to talks that didn't find a theatre stage and create textual form for languages not heard. Jokiniemi wanted to make a book based on languages that escape collective meaning, yet embody an immense subjective poetry, cognition and universe.

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Concept, drawings and texts: Sonja Jokiniemi
Collaborators: Veera Kivelä, Anna Kumpulainen, Antti, Petri and clients of Sofianlehto institution
Design: Tomi Tallqvist / Design office Praktik
Production: HelCre, The City of Helsinki and Ministry of Education and Culture