Performance project RRRRR investigates hallucinatory and illusory structures as choreographic starting points. Sonja Jokiniemi is interested in the schizophrenic aspects of our contemporary reality: a connected place where one loses meaning andthe world becomes a solitary disconnected experience. The performance is a journey into multiple realities in which virtual reality, fetishistic relations, disjointed logic and language construct a series of confused truths and perplexity. Clangs, songs and derailed narrations are constructed between human, objects and ghost. The performance is accompanied by a publication, RRRRR.

The publication can be purchased for 10 euros. You can pay with a back transfer and we'll send your copy once we're received your payment.

If you'd like to buy a copy, please send an email to producer Riikka Thitz: riikka.thitz @