Photo: Tomi Paasonen


TU is a collaborative performance work by Sonja Jokiniemi and Veera Kivelä. The base of the work is on Veera's language that appears in complex intimate sound systems and movement patterns. Jokiniemi and Kivelä map the performance space through touching, sounding and moving through, communicating with objects, the space itself and with one another. TU is part of a community-based research project Without an alphabet, where Jokiniemi worked with four autistic young adults investigating subjective language systems. Kivelä is one of her collaborators from this project.

Concept & direction: Sonja Jokiniemi
Choreography & Performance: Veera Kivelä & Sonja Jokiniemi
Produced by: Eastern Finland Regional Dance Centre
Supported by: Kone Foundation

Premiere: 15.6.2015, The Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland (ITAK), Kuopio