Without an Alphabet

Photo: Tomi Paasonen


Without an alphabet was a project Sonja Jokiniemi started in spring 2014. Her interest was to work with people who use different, collectively unknown ways of communicating.

"I wanted to explore space of no common language, or very minimally so. My quest was to explore subjective languages that escaped the definitions of language yet inevitably embodied immense poetic and communicative strength."

Her work consisted on working together with four young autistic adults, whom all had very different ways of speaking. They formed playgrounds of explorations using their physicality, voice, words, space and objects. From this project Jokiniemi composed together with Veera Kivelä a duet performance work called TU and a book publication called PA A.

Sonja Jokiniemi's text about the project, Autismi-lehti 4-2015 (in Finnish)


Listen to a sound bite of the project

Produced by Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland